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We can provide a range of different gift packs to accompany your slumber party. We are going to be adding lots more gift packs to this page. If there is something that you are particularly interested in having for your party please just let us know and we are happy to create something bespoke for you.

Photo Booth Hire 

Photo booth comes with one backdrop, one clothes tree and a box of props.

Selection of backdrops available:
– Superhero
– Pink Hearts
– Pink Starbursts
– Glitter/Glamour
– Flower Forest
– Beach setting
$25 per night

Disco Light Kit

– Hire of Disco Light 
– Collection of Glow in the Dark sticks, necklaces etc to keep.
$25 per night

Beauty Package 

Pamper your princess with an additional beauty package. Including:

– 1 Bath Towel (to keep)
– 1 Facemask
– 1 Hairband
– Matching Bath robe (to hire)

 $12.50 each per night

Dreamcatcher Kit

Each kit includes :
– Ring, string, beads, material, glitter tip feathers and ribbon.
$12.50 each

Pillowcase Decorating Kit

–  Design your own pillowcase – a fun craft activity for your guests. Kit includes:
– 4 quality pillowcases
– 4 pillowcase inserts (to prevent pens marking underneath)
– 8 pens

 $35 for four

Fairy Jars & Flowers

– Make your night magical with these beautiful hand-made Fairy Jars. 
– Additional flower garlands give an extra touch to your Fairy theme.
$5 each per night

Heart Chalkboards

– Personalise tents and decide on your sleep layout with these hand-made heart chalkboards.

 $2 each per night

Customised Invitations

If you are interested in customised invitations please contact us.